Kyball now available in 6 languages

26 April 2017 Categories: News

We have been working with Zylom to make Kyball multilingual. You can now read the game’s story – as told by its wondrous creatures – in these additional languages:

A Toucan talking in Portuguese? Neat!

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Excellent review from Full Sync Gaming

06 April 2017 Categories: News

Full Sync Gaming have just posted an exceptional review of Kyball on their site.

Full Sync Gaming review

The verdict: 4/5 !

Check it out now.

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Q&A with Bill Kotsias

07 February 2017 Categories: News

Bill Kotsias, developer of Kyball, has been interviewed by FullSyncGaming, a passionate site dedicated to indie games. Take a peek at the backstage of Kyball’s development and find out about the story behind it.

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Expert mode: Shooter View

27 January 2017 Categories: News

A hidden Expert mode: “Shooter View”, has been introduced to Kyball. This special mode completely changes perspective (pun) and makes the game even more challenging.

Check it out in our all new, super-turbo trailer.

And please, don’t neglect to vote for us on Steam Greenlight!

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100+ copies given away for free! (Jan 23)

23 January 2017 Categories: News

We are giving away 100+ copies of Kyball for free! This promotion will only run for today, Jan 23rd. Claim your copy on IndieDB now!

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New graphics effects & sale offer extended

18 January 2017 Categories: News

Kyball has aquired 2 additional graphics settings for high-end hardware, which bring:

  • realtime shadows
  • post-processing sharpen filter
  • hand-crafted bloom filter, fresh and tasty, made with our own hands
  • some new perl-like spheres, sorry balls

The new version, alongside some important bug fixes (and a hidden first-person-shooter view), has just been uploaded to We are celebrating this release by extending the special “holiday sales” offer of 38% off (from $7.99, just $4.95) till February 15th!

We need your votes to get on Steam! We still have a long way to go, so every vote is greatly appreciated! Vote for us on Steam Greenlight! 🙂

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Kyball now on sale!

14 December 2016 Categories: News

As of today, Kyball is finally available for sale!!! Get it now from, a great indie-friendly service!

During the Holiday Season and up to January 15th, Kyball will be available for just $4.99. After this period, the price will be set to the default $7.99.

Still unsure if Kyball is your soulmate? Then try out our 25-level demo now! It will only take 2 minutes to download, install and run. Get it either from our Download tab, or

Now, let’s save a world… or eight.



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Kyball Demo and Steam

09 December 2016 Categories: News

Kyball Demo for Windows is finally here! Get it now from the Downloads tab and send us your reviews!

We also need your support to get Kyball on Steam! We have just publicized the game on Steam Greenlight and kindly ask you to vote for us.

The full Kyball Windows version is complete. However, we intend to add more features till the game’s release on Steam. We are also in the process of porting it to:

  • Linux
  • Mac OS
  • iOS
  • Android
  • VR

We are opening a poll in the next few days in order to assess which platforms and features gamers are mostly looking forward to.

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Kyball is back!!!

02 December 2016 Categories: News

snowstormAfter 5 years in the ice, Kyball has finally managed to make a comeback!!!

Kyball is officially complete and released.

Here is how you can try it out:

We are also in the process of submitting a more advanced version to Steam Greenlight. An announcement will be made shortly.


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Kyball goes mobile

16 November 2011 Categories: News

It is a great honor for us that Kyball has been selected by Ideaworks3D to be part of the Marmalade Apps Program.


The Kyball team are partnering with Ideaworks in order to undertake the porting of Kyball to the Marmalade platform. Within a few months from now, Kyball will be playable on all major mobile systems, including iOS (iPhone, iPad), Android, Windows Mobile and Playbook.


This is exciting news for us and we will be putting all our strength to make a high quality conversion from desktop to mobile. News will be constantly posted while development goes on.

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