Kyball is the only cure for a world in despair!

With natural resources rapidly running out, the planet becomes dangerously unbalanced. The only chance of restoring peace and prosperity lies in the Energy-Cube.

Aim, shoot, and match balls to release their energy. The wondrous creatures of this world will lend you a hand! Have fun, while saving the planet in Kyball!

Kyball has been released!

  1. Buy from now for just $4.95!
  2. A special version has been submitted to Steam Greenlight. Help us distribute it through Steam!
  3. An early version is available for GameHouse subscribers.

Features :

  • enjoy the 1st ever match-3D bubble shooter adventure
  • explore a world in need of your masterly matching
  • meet animals from all over the world that’ll help you succeed
  • test your spatial awareness to restore balance to the planet
  • beat 100 levels of increasing difficulty, split among 8 evolving worlds